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MMJP Series rice grader

Equipment Introduction:

MMJP series spring brace structure is used to rice grading sieve is a new type of rice grading equipment, which USES rice particle size differences, through four layers of different diameter round hole sieve plate continuous screen, isolated complete, general, big and small, so as to achieve the goal of rice grading.The machine can also be used for the classification of white rice, is the modern rice milling enterprises filter is the ideal equipment in the finishing process.
Use 6 spring strut structure, mechanical performance is stable and reliable, good balance, durable.
Using four layers sieve plate, two extract whole rice, high output, good separation effect.
Adopts stepless speed regulation mechanism of motor, speed range is big, small inertia, high reliability, screen long stroke,
Whole rice, less broken rice content in and output can be adjusted according to user's need to be flexible and sizing effect.