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VS80 Vertical Emery &Iron Roller Rice Whitener


Equipment Introduction:

  VS80 vertical emery & iron roller rice whitener is new type whitener based on advantages and improvement of the present emery roller rice whitener and iron roller whitener , which is an idea equipment for processing grade white rice of modern rice mill.


1.Because of the feed hopper can be whirled 360o,more convenient and flexible on installation.

2. It combines the features of both vertical emery roller whitener and vertical iron roller whitener, to process both long-grain and short-grain rice.

3. The special whitening chamber structure and emery strips on the roller and around the screen, help to effectively remove the rice bran and get lower broken rate, higher rice productivity.

4. Stainless steel screen, special heat treatment whitening roller and adjustable emery strip extend the machine’s service life.